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Is not technology wonderful, no matter where you 're always in contact with large, telephone, teenbe email, videoconferencing and business tools for other tasks. We live in a teenbe small town teenbe near a big city, usually quiet and peaceful, but a few weeks ago there was a spate of thefts. The end, when a woman awoke to find someone on the stairs, afraid that I know of. When Claudia, my wife heard this, refused to stay in our home until an alarm system was installed because I was so often on business and went to his mother until he was finished. I asked a friend, someone teenbe recommended to install a security system, and he contacted a man in a local village. The next time I was at home, at work Claudia, called to discuss the recommendations and when I saw he was often on the road, he said it was possible to install remote-controlled cameras that will allow me, in inside the house I always had to check was to allow anyone withan Internet connection. I told him I thought cameras would be a little aggressive, think about what you see in stores, teenbe but told the wireless cameras are so small they could hide a light switch or plug in a lamp, you need only power and were almost impossible to detect, so I wanted to go. The system was installed, he gave me the code that shows how to access the cameras from my laptop with me and leave to change the landing deck above the lounge and bedrooms, bathrooms, play most of which contain valuables. Claudia came from his mother and showed her how to turn off and the system, but decided to wait until we went on holiday and surprise, since, as keeping an eye on the house while we were out. A few days I was away for a few days and the first night after working on my laptop at 22:00 I decided to hidden cameras in the office. I checked the stairs and landing, and was about to log off. I teenbe could see light around the door of the room, I knew that Claudia slept naked in the control and the thought of her slender body, cheeky little tits and shaved pussy was too much and succumbed to temptation. I was glad I had, she was 28 and sexy as she got naked on teenbe the bed, legs open caressing her pussy, slipping a few fingers into her pussy masturbating. The other hand on her breast, teenbe her fingers playing with small hard nipples. My cock stiffened, saw that I was stroking my cock on the screen, zoom in on a closer look at her pussy. Her pussy was soaking wet, fingers wet with her juices as he disappeared into it. I had teenbe come very close, when suddenly the light went dark. Zoom out I could see why a man's head between his legs down on it. Not only that, while I had it in her pussy another straw man kneeling on the bed, got in my head, stroked an impressive looking penis. Although surprised, that it simply became my wiFe with two guys and see what I dreamed, unknowingly, into a sex show was. I remembered in particular, because the images are stored and begins recording on the hard disk. The man between her legs had been arrested and handed Claudia, kneeling behind her, held her hips up and pulled his cock sliding in her pussy. She raised her head and leaned into his arms as the other gave his cock in her mouth. She opened her mouth, sucking hungrily between her lips. She was on the tail of medium changes, including in pussy, cock into her mouth fucked like a bitch. His mouth was full of the strap can be stretched by the male, and who had just given a helmet and one teenbe or two inches, but was rammed by cock inside her pussy getting hard from behind. The guy fucks came after 5 minutes and 33 seconds ( I checked ), the cock buried in her cunt, as he emptied his seed into her. Do not think she cum, she stopped sucking the other has tolying in bed, opened the leg over him, running her pussy cum while driving to her pussy cock. I viewed from behind, had an excellent view, and they gave us to take his cock opening her pussy, stretching her hole with his thick cock. Then slowly back, his penis slowly slides into her pussy until she had taken everything. She lay on him, her breasts brushed his chest was moving on teenbe his cock as he approached her. Stretched her pussy filled with his huge cock, but still oozing cum from her pussy and fucked. I wish there was sound, because now they had thrown over the head back, mouth open, looking as if they were crying or screaming in the middle of orgasm. He continued, pounding her pussy cock in and out of teenbe her pussy, which for nearly 15 minutes of fucking her pussy rammed as hard as I could see to tremble as he. He came in three or four times, his back arched as she came again and with his cock in to the hilt, he jumped when he shot his specialrm in teenbe pussy slut. He turned around, but had not yet finished. The first type is opened legs of the camera, which could have the courage that comes from her pussy in front of my view was blocked and teenbe his head between her legs licking her pussy, from the look on her face that she I was enjoying. It was then that I noticed was the head on the pillow next to the night table and the phone line. I'm home with my phone and rang the bell, I knew I was waiting to ring, turned his head to see the caller ID. I knew I would probably answer with the fuss she had made about security, she thought I might be worried to call the security company to go home. She picked up the phone : 'Hello,' she said breathlessly. 'Hello, so good that the sound of breathing,' he said. On screen, they still look the boy had to lick between her legs and sucking pussy. ' I'm fine, I just got out of the shower,' he said. She gave a little sigh, just lick her butbeep. I knew she had masturbated and some toys to use when I'm gone 'Are you sure you're okay, you're not stupid are you?' I suggested to laughter, like a joke. 'No, I got my toe, I'm fine. ' It is Toe crashed so I thought. In the end I was sure he could sound the same plates remember knowing that you were to move his hips, pressing her pussy harder into her mouth. She picked up the phone and said more sounds out of breath. 'I'm better, set an alarm for a game, then maybe I teenbe will love you. ' And he left. I saw it with both hands pressing into the back of his head, forcing his tongue hard against her pussy as she licked and sucked until it was clear. She was there for a minute or so to see how they dressed, before they disappeared from sight in the bathroom and left them. I reran the recording of the straw until I arrived. I connected again for the next two nights and nothing happened to my disappointment. I said nothing when returned and was on another trip of two weeks after I can catch your clutched watch and record again this time with a guy coming out and raised his men to take home to fuck. So far I have about four hours of recording and have not teenbe yet decided what to do. Wait until we go on vacation, show that the house is connected by video and see what happens. You can only show pictures and talk about it while I'm there and join me or I, of course, could always load it on the internet for all to see, what a bitch she is.
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